The Designer
Adam Jones
Adam Jones
Adam Jones, former designer for Christian Dior and Kenzo, has been living and working in Paris for twenty years. Adam developed his passion for fashion during his teenage years and experimented with his first collections which he sold at London’s famous Camden market before studying fashion at Brighton University. Adam then moved to Paris where he designed for Kenzo and then Christian Dior for eight years.
In 2001 Adam launched his own brand, "Adam Jones - Paris", and successfully promoted his creations in luxury boutiques around the world for the next nine years. with a specialization in knitwear, a passion for the highest quality yarns, and a capacity to produce the most intricate creations, Adam was honored to be an invited member of the ¨Federation de la couture Française¨ from 2005 to 2009.
Having discovered the extensive world of energy and healing thanks to bestselling author and teacher Inna Segal, Adam was inspired to create a remarkable new luxury clothing concept encompassing fashion, wellness and quantum science. Adam shaped this unique project during two years of concentrated research and development, seeking input from experts from around the world until, with the international support and advice of leading scientists, healers and yarn experts, the concept became reality and, in 2012, the Yarnlight Collective was founded.
Atsuko Isono Bisnaire
Japanese spiritual healer based in Paris.
Atsuko is a qualified practitioner of Angel touch ( a form of Kiatsu healing), Golden and raindrop essential oil healing and TRE (Trauma Release Exercise)

Atsuko met Adam on the day of the Tsunami disaster in 2011 and they decided to work together to take The Yarnlight Collective to Japan.

Atsuko has a very successful blog in Japan ameblo.jp/angels-rainbow
To book healing sessions : http://angelsrainbow.com
Myriam Quiñones Pescador
Was born in Mexico and has been living in Paris for the last 20 years.
After 10 years working in the fashion industry, Myriam decided to move in a different direction. Since 2010 she has been a certified practitioner of Visionary Intuitive Healing®. Myriam specializes in helping people find health, balance and joy by releasing all kinds of blockages on emotional, physical, mental and energy levels.

"I believe each of us have an incredible capacity to transform our lives with the right tools. I will be happy to work with you in the future." www.myhealing.fr