Healing knits

The Yarnlight Collective is a pioneer concept, launched in Paris, embracing fashion and healing. Working with leading quantum scientists and a team of international healers we have developed a highly innovative yarn spun from very fine bamboo, cashmere and energy imprinted carbon.
This exceptional yarn offers dual sources of strength for the wearer, acting as a natural shield from harmful electromagnetic pollution and a source of renewed, balanced energy.

Yarnlight balances your energy field

Initial state of test
person’s energyfield
Energyfield after wearing yarnlight
sweater for 30 minutes
Measurements taken with EPC/GDV camera technology.

Scientifically tested

Testing by leading quantum scientists including DrTiller of Stanford University and the late Dr Emoto from Japan has shown how Yarnlight knits can shield and balance the wearer's energy field.

Dr. Emoto's photos of water crystals before and after being exposed to Yarnlight knits.