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the yarnlight collective is a pioneer concept embracing fashion, balance and wellness

With a team of international experts, we have developed a highly innovative knitting yarn spun from carbon, bamboo and cashmere. This exceptional yarn offers dual sources of vitality for the wearer, acting not only as a natural shield providing protection from harmful electromagnetic pollution but also as a source of renewed and balanced energy which in turn can reduce stress levels.
The truly groundbreaking aspect of this patented innovation is the pure imprint of healing energy encapsulated in the yarn by professional energy healers from around the world. Through the Yarnlight Collective, these specialists united in Paris and imprinted energy into the yarn using a very specific process combining intuitive healing and quantum physics.
Adam Jones, former designer for Dior and Kenzo, then conceived a beautiful cocoon sweater to bring out the best of this yarn which for the first time enhances the wearer not just aesthetically, but also energetically.
An ultimate exquisite touch has been added with a sophisticated concealed detail in yarn
made from 24 carat gold.
The sweaters have been tested by international scientists including notably Dr W. Tiller of Stanford University, T.E.S Lab in Italy and Lutz Rabe of the Bioelectrophonics institute in Germany. The tests demonstrate conclusive evidence of imprinted energy and a capacity to balance the human energy field.
We believe that wearing these sweaters will help people to find a sense of balance, well-being and calm.
A percentage of profits from the Yarnlight sales is donated to charities promoting meditation and wellness.
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